Appendix I. Spring Surf Resources

As an open source project, Spring Surf offers a large number of resources to assist the community learn, interact with one another and become more involved in the project. Below you'll find a short summary of the official project resources.

I.1. Project Home Page


The project home page provides a brief summary of Surf's main features and links to most of the other project resources. Please use this URI if you are referring other people to the Spring Surf project, as it is the main landing point for the project.

I.2. Downloads and Maven Repositories


You can always access the latest Spring Surf release ZIP by visiting the above URI. The download site not only provides the download itself, but also provides access to all historically released versions plus SHA1 hash codes of those files.

We also publish all Surf modules to an additional Maven repository at TODO.

I.3. Community Forums


For fast and free end user support for all official Spring projects, the Spring Community Forum is an excellent place to visit. Because Surf is an official top-level Spring project, of course you'll find there is a dedicated "Spring Surf forum" for all your questions, comments and experiences.

If you believe you have found a bug or are experiencing an issue, it is recommended you first log a message on the forum. This allows other experienced users to comment on whether it appears there is a problem with Surf or perhaps just needs to be used a different way. Someone will usually offer a solution or recommend you log a bug report (usually by saying "please log this in Jira"). When you do log a bug report, please ensure you link to the fully-qualified URI to the forum post. That way the developer who attempts to solve your bug will have background information. Please also post the issue tracking link back in thread you started on the forum, as it will help other people cross-reference the two systems.

I.4. Twitter

Roo Hash Code: #springsurf

Follow the core Surf development team: @uzquiano and @quyong2000

I.5. Source Repository

Anonymous URI:

Read/write URI:

The Subversion source control system is currently used by Surf for mainline development. There are two repository URIs, one for anonymous access and the other for people with commit access. Both URIs contain the same source code.

Historical releases of Surf can be accessed by the "release_xxx" branches within Subversion. The mainline development of Roo occurs on the "trunk" branch.

To detailed information about how to check out and build Surf from Subversion, please refer to the Development Processes chapter.

I.6. Source Web Browsing


To assist those who wish to simply review the current Surf code but not check it out fully onto their own computer, Spring Surf offers a public Atlassian FishEye instance. You can use this to not only view the current source code, but also access old releases, perform sophisticated searches and even build graphs and reports.

If you need to link to source code from an issue report or forum post, please use the FishEye service to provide a fully-qualified URI.

I.7. Commercial Products and Services


I.8. Other

Please let us know if you believe it would be helpful to list any other resources in this documentation.