Spring Surf Developer Tools - Reference Documentation


Yong Qu , Michael Uzquiano


Copyright (C) 2005-2009 Alfresco Software Limited.

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I. Welcome to Spring Surf Developer Tools
1. Introduction
1.1. What are Spring Surf Developer Tools?
1.2. Installation
1.3. First Steps: Your Own Spring Surf App in Under 5 Minutes
1.4. Exploring the Surf Roo Samples
1.5. Suggested Steps to Surf Productivity
2. Beginning With Spring Surf Developer Tools: The Tutorial
2.1. What You'll Learn
2.2. Tutorial Application Use Cases
2.3. Starting a Surf Project using Spring Roo
2.3.1. Step 1: Creating a Spring project
2.3.2. Step 2: Installing Surf artifacts and Surf Quick Start Sample Site
2.3.3. Step 3: Testing the Surf Quick Start Sample Site
2.3.4. Step 3: Modifying Header and Footer Component
2.3.5. Step 3: Creating a new template
2.3.6. Step 3: Creating a new page
2.3.7. Step 4: Creating a new component
2.3.8. Step 5: Adding components to a page
2.3.9. Step 6: Generating report on a page
2.3.10. Step 7: Associating pages
2.3.11. Step 8: Packaging the site
2.4. Building a Surf Project using Spring Tool Suite
2.4.1. Step 1: Setting up a basic Dynamic Web Project.
2.4.2. Step 2: Enabling the Dynamic Web Project with Spring Roo Nature.
2.4.3. Step 3: Creating a basic Spring project using Spring Roo
2.4.4. Step 4: Installing Surf artifacts.
2.4.5. Step 5: Enabling Maven Dependency Management
2.4.6. Step 6: Deploying and testing Surf project.
2.4.7. Step 1: Verifying Surf Project Template has been installed
2.4.8. Step 2: Creating a new Surf Project
2.4.9. Step 5: Enabling Maven Dependency Management
2.4.10. Step 6: Deploying and testing Surf project.
2.5. Summary
3. Application Architecture
3.1. Architectural Overview
3.2. Critical Technologies
4. Usage and Conventions
4.1. Usability Philosophy
4.2. IDE Usage
4.3. Build System Usage
4.4. File System Conventions
4.5. Recommended Practices
4.6. Diagnosing Surf Problems
4.7. Known Issues
5. Existing Building Blocks
6. Removing Spring Surf
7. Development Processes
7.1. Setting Up for Development
7.2. Building the Surf Platform Using Maven
7.3. Developing within Eclipse
7.4. Integrated Tomcat Testing
7.5. Subversion Policies
7.6. Site Deployment
7.7. Releasing
7.8. Help
7.9. How You Can Help
II. Appendices
A. Command Index
A.1. Component Commands
A.1.1. surf component create
A.1.2. surf component list
A.1.3. surf component property create
A.1.4. surf component resource create
A.1.5. surf webscript list
A.2. Content Commands
A.2.1. surf content association create
A.3. Page Commands
A.3.1. surf page association create
A.3.2. surf page association list
A.3.3. surf page create
A.3.4. surf page list
A.4. Report Commands
A.4.1. surf report page
A.5. Site Commands
A.5.1. surf site create
A.6. Surf Commands
A.6.1. surf addon install
A.6.2. surf install
A.7. Template Commands
A.7.1. surf template create
A.7.2. surf template instance create
A.7.3. surf template instance list
A.7.4. surf template list
A.7.5. surf template region list
B. Upgrade Notes and Known Issues
B.1. Known Issues
C. Project Background
C.1. History
C.2. Mission Statement
D. Spring Surf Resources
D.1. Project Home Page
D.2. Downloads and Maven Repositories
D.3. Community Forums
D.4. Twitter
D.5. Source Repository
D.6. Source Web Browsing
D.7. Commercial Products and Services
D.8. Other