JIRA Report

TypeKeySummaryPriorityByStatusResolutionFix Version
DefectSESURF-82Path for Webscript can't be loaded in JBoss 6. M5BlockerKevin RoastResolvedComplete1.0.0-RC2
BugSESURF-83DevTools Modules are not enabled in main maven pomCriticalGabriele ColumbroResolvedComplete1.0.0-RC2
BugSESURF-80Model Object Persisters do not correctly load dependent objects after refresh on Surf Command ConsoleCriticalKevin RoastResolvedComplete1.0.0-RC2
BugSESURF-81It is not possible to disable caches via config - the config setting is ignored by the persisters. Also if the caching is disabled (e.g. in code) then Surf can no longer correctly handle nested component definitions.CriticalKevin RoastResolvedComplete1.0.0-RC2
BugSESURF-79Dynamic remote store load goes in a endless loopCriticalDave DraperResolvedComplete1.0.0-RC2
BugSESURF-85Remove hardcoded version references from sources / resources / documentationMajorGabriele ColumbroResolvedComplete1.0.0-RC2
ImprovementSESURF-84Misc pre-release build improvementsMinorGabriele ColumbroResolvedComplete1.0.0-RC2